Issue 93 of BlueWater magazine out now – 29th Aug 2012

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Issue 93 of BlueWater magazine out now – 29th Aug 2012

Bluewater Magazine 93FISHING FEATURES

Tony ludovico – a life underwater

Driven by a fierce passion to capture the underwater realm on camera – particularly the large pelagic gamefish we love – Tony Ludovico has travelled the world and spent countless hours submerged. His stunning photography reveals a world hidden to most of us behind the surface veil.

riding the current edge

This issue marks BlueWater’s 15th birthday and there have been many extraordinary changes to our sport during that time.

tackle to tackle bigger fishSubstantial advances in reel and line technology have revolutionised gamefishing over the past 15 years.

game-changing rods

Tackle to tackle bigger fish

Tackle to tackle bigger fish

Gamefishing-grade threadline reels with specially crafted rods to match are opening-up new techniques and possibilities for anglers.

a day to remember

Swimming with torpedoes

Imagine being in the middle of a wide-open tuna feeding spree and then jumping in to watch the action.

Farewell jack erskine

The drag system on your reel, the line you fish with, perhaps even the tackle shop you bought it from may have been influenced by this man.

Prey species – Needlefishes

Flying fish, garfish, longtoms and sauries are all species of needlefish and favoured prey for gamefish.

Sydney’s diamond

Sydney Game Fishing Club has produced a significant list of leading anglers and record catches over its 60 year history.

Big fish small boats – Making your trailerboat user-friendly – Part 2

The set-up of your rodholders and outriggers will affect your success.

Lure lore

Lure lore

lure lore – Part 11: Jet lures – The hole truth

Jet-heads are popular lures, but do the holes help them to catch as many fish as they catch anglers?

classic tomes – Fishing the Atlantic – Offshore and on

A Kip Farrington classic detailing US and Canadian giant bluefin, marlin and swordfish during the 1930s

creatures of the deep – Snake mackerel

This fearsome tropical predator is active near the surface at night and is commonly caught by longliners.

smoke and mirrors – Meridian ‘Spectre’

This magnum-sized lure produces a sophisticated action that has grander marlin written all over it.


Gameboats for the new millennium

Gameboats for the new millennium

catch me – if you can – Cabo 52 Express

Calling all thrill-seekers … If you like the rush of being sucked into the back of your seat as you rocket out over the ocean waves towards your next marlin, this very serious although very fast gameboat is just what you need.

what a difference a decade makes

It’s staggering to see how far fish-finding and navigation electronics have progressed in just a few years.

gameboats for the new millennium

Cairns stalwart, Capt Bob Jones, tells how gameboats have evolved and improved over recent years.