Issue 92 of BlueWater magazine out now – 27th June 2012

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The GT goldmine part 2

Issue 92 of  BlueWater magazine out now – 27th June 2012

Content included in issue 92 of  BlueWater magazine

BlueWater magazine Issue 92 (3D)FISHING FEATURES

Dolphinfish – high-performance predator

These spectacular, tasty, and exciting gamefish are also fascinating creatures. Donald Hammond, the US marine fisheries biologist who runs the Dolphinfish Research Program, reveals just how fast they grow, how remarkably gluttonous they are, and how far they travel in their brief lives.

The GT Goldmine – Part 2 Battle Tactics for the World’s Largest Giant Trevally

Master GT angler, Brandon Khoo details the strategies, the mindset, the techniques, the tackle and the vital tips that will not only get you hooked-up to the biggest GTs in the world, but offer you a real chance of landing them!

NZ Bluefin - a day to remember

NZ Bluefin – a day to remember

Book Review: BIG – The 50 Greatest World Record Catches

A stunningly-presented account of the story behind each record catch.

A Day to Remember: Night of the New Zealand BluefinStanding up to enormous Pacific bluefin tuna on a cold winter’s night.

Creatures of the Deep: Marlin ‘Lice’

These calanoid copepods look like space invaders and even camouflage themselves with ultraviolet light.

They Call the Shots: Capt Paul Mead – The Pioneer

After roaming the South Pacific, Paul chose Vava’u in Tonga as the perfect venue to run charters for blue marlin.

Prey Species: Herring – The Most Important Baitfish in the World

As vital prey, herring influence the lives of many gamefish.

Big Fish Small Boats: Making Your Trailerboat User-Friendly
How to organise your boat for less confusion and more success.

BlueWater magazine Issue 92

Lure Lore: Part 10 – Probe Deeper

Surface lures are great for billfish, but for other gamefish going down can produce even more results.

Smoke and Mirrors Scent Blazer ‘Slant Head’

What could be better than combining the visuals of a skirted lure with the attraction of real bait?



Like a convertible sportscar for the bluewater, this surprisingly dry and very comfortable American-built centre-console sportfisher looks smokin’ and has the performance to get you to where you want to go sooner.

HIGH SEAS ACTION: Haines Hunter 760R Limited

Tuna-testing the flagship from a company renowned for outstanding fibreglass rough-water trailerboats.


A marine surveyor’s invaluable guide to evaluating used boats so you don’t get caught with a lemon.

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