Light Tackle

We consider 8-10kg (16-20lb) line class to be light tackle around these waters. For general fishing, we mostly use 15kg (30lb) line class.

Our 8-10kg outfits are Shimano TLD 20s on Excaliber custom rods and the 15kg gear is Penn International 30Ts on Shimano or Eyre Custom rods.

The 15kg gear can handle just about anything thrown at it including small marlin but light enough to provide excellent sport on the sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin, mahi mahi and a host of reef predators along the way.

Pacific Sailfish W-10 Fiji National Record

Ladies 10kg line class National Record Sailfish taken aboard Bite Me

For an extra kick, we encourage anglers to try the 8-10kg outfits and gain some appreciation of the fun to be had light tackle fishing for gamefish such as wahoo and Pacific sailfish.

We also carry 6kg outfits for those who really want to tempt fate or perhaps go after a record fish.


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