Bite Me Too – Fishing Tackle

Bite Me Too can carry a wide range of gamefishing tackle from 50lb stand-up heavy tackle outfits to specialist ultra-light Avets on custom hand made Eyre rods for IGFA World Record hunting.


 Fishing Equipment Rundown

  • 3 x Avet SXs (modified Cams) on custom ultra-light Eyre Rods & Stickfacewrangler all roller 2kg-8kg rods,
  • 3 x Shimano TLD20s on 8kg and 10kg custom roller tip trolling rods,
  • 3 x Shimano TLD25s on 10kg Eyre Custom trolling rods
  • 4 x Penn International 30Ts on Shimano Tyranos 15kg trolling rods,
  • 2 x Penn International 50Ts on Eyre custom stand-up trolling rods,


  •  Black Magic butt pads & Top Gun fighting harness
  • Top Shot 8″ flying gaff, multiple stick gaffs & disposable gaffs
  • Top Shot tag pole & extention, back-up tag pole (TBF & NSW Fisheries Tags)
  • Pakula Witchdoctors, spreader bars, daisy chains and teasers
  • De-hooker, Snooter, pole knife & bill ropes
  • Gloves, filleting knives, hook files, drag scales


  • Assortment of mono & wire leader materials from 12lb to 600lbs
  • Various heavy tackle shackle rigs from 6/0 to 12/0
  • Light and heavy duty crimping tools, wire cutters, split ring pliers
  • Range of terminal equipment, hooks, snaps, crimps & rigging gear
  • Large assortment of bibed and bibless minnows (Halco, Rapala, Yo-Zuri, River 2 Sea)
  • Large range of skirted lures (Pakula, Marlin Magic, Joe Yee, Black Bart, John Lau, Top Gun, Hollowpoint, Moldcraft)
  • Small assortment of deepwater knife jigs and zero droppers

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Ultra Light Tackle