Bite Me Too – Fishing Tackle

Bite Me Too can carry a wide range of gamefishing tackle from 50lb stand-up heavy tackle outfits to specialist ultra-light Avets on custom hand made Eyre rods for IGFA World Record hunting.

Bite Me Too can provide a limited range of trolling gear to supplement a guests own gear. A list of available gear is below.

Please note If you wish to target the large GTs and Dogtooth Tuna found around Kadavu Island, you must bring your own specialized Heavy Tackle GT Popping & Jigging tackle.


 Fishing Equipment Rundown

  • 3 x Shimano TLD25s on 10kg Eyre Custom trolling rods
  • 1 x Penn International 30Ts on Shimano Tyranos 15kg trolling rods,
  • 1 x Penn International 50Ts on Eyre custom stand-up trolling rods,


  •  Black Magic butt pads & Top Gun fighting harness
  • Top Shot tag pole & extention, back-up tag pole (TBF & NSW Fisheries Tags)
  • Gloves, filleting knives, hook files, drag scales


  • An assortment of trolling tackle including RapalaX-Rap Magnums and Halco Laser Pro 190s

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Ultra Light Tackle