Pacific Sailfish

Every year from May through to September, large packs of sailfish gather along the island’s outer slopes and barrier reef. We specialise in targeting sails on light tackle.

Though caught all year round, May-September is by far the best time of year for sailfish .

Bill Boyce Fiji national record Pacific Sailfish

Bill Boyce VERY happy about his new M-04 Fiji National Pacific Sailfish Record at 31.4kg

A lot of sailfish are caught whilst trolling lures for wahoo though our favourite method of catching sailfish is to bait & switch or troll rigged baits and teasers.

We hold the M-04, M-06, M-08, M-10kg and W-10kg Pacific Sailfish Fiji National Records.

M-06 Record Pacific Sailfish taken aboard Bite Me

M-06 Fiji National Record Sailfish taken aboard Bite Me

It is our policy to tag and release all billfish however, should we land a fish that is definitely a Fiji or IGFA World Record, we give the angler a choice or releasing the fish or applying for the record.