Fishing Weather

Kadavu has a typical tropical maritime climate with the winter months being June to October and the summer being December to May.

Summertime is usually characterised by calm settled hot and humid weather. Calm seas are great for spotting birds working tuna or finding current and weed lines for mahi mahituna and billfish. The highest water temperature is about 30 degrees and the hottest months are usually February and March. The first cooling from the tropical heat starts around mid-April.

Bite Me Too usually concentrates on GT Popping, deepwater jigging and the offshore heavy tackle fishing during our summer months.

Typical summer weather

Typical summer weather

In winter time, Fiji experiences the SE trade winds. These trades vary in strength from a light breeze to a 20kt blow and each trade usually last about 5-6 days followed by a couple of days of light Northerly winds before the next trade starts.

A strong winter tradewind

A strong winter tradewind makes for choppy seas

In the event of a strong tradewind making fishing conditions difficult, Bite Me Too simply fishes the lee side of the island and miles of sheltered North Astrolabe barrier reef.

The air temperature generally reaches a low of about 20 degrees in August / September with the lowest water temperature being about 24 degrees.

Bite Me Too usually concentrates on fishing light tackle or World Record hunting for Wahoo and Pacific Sailfish during the winter months.

Winter is our big Wahoo Sailfish light tackle season.