Fishing Seasons

Most tropical gamefish species are caught here year round however some have peak seasons when they are caught far more frequently.

Anglers wishing to target GTs with poppers & stickbaits or Dogtooth Tuna on jigs should visit during the calmer summer months (January to April) when the conditions are more likely to be suitable.

The Black Marlin season runs from August to October and to a lesser extent, February – March.  Adult Striped marlin show in August / September when the water temp is at its lowest however we do see some baby striped marlin around March / April. Blue marlin can be caught all year round with the largest fish usually found during the summer yellowfin tuna run (February to April).

Sailfish are caught all year round however the best fishing is June to September.


Wahoo are best from June to September when large packs gather along the barrier reef.


Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna are caught during most months

Yellow fin Tuna show in large numbers from February to April and  June to September but some remain close to the reef throughout the year.

Barracuda and Spanish mackerel (Walu) are present in large numbers from October through March but can be caught all year round.

Fishing outside the barrier reef is subject to reasonable weather conditions but fishing inside the reef is almost always available.

Species                       Season                  Best Months

Blue Marlin                  All Year Round      February / March / April

Black Marlin                July – Oct              August / September

Striped Marlin              July – Oct              August / September

Short Billed Spearfish    May – October      July / August

Pacific Sailfish              May – Oct             June / July / August

Wahoo                          May – Oct              June / July / August

Yellowfin Tuna             Feb & Aug             March and August

Mahi Mahi                    All Year Round      March

Mackerel                      All Year Round      August and November

Giant Trevally (GT)      All Year Round       January to April

Bluefin Trevally           All Year Round       January to April

Dogtooth Tuna            All Year Round       January to April

Barracuda                    All Year Round       December – March