Fiji Islands Saltwater Fishing Report – July 2009

The winter season started with a bang as big packs of wahoo flooded in. Marauding groups of up to 50 fish were seen on all the usual Kadavu Island haunts and every pack contained some fish close to the magical 100lbs mark.

A nice 80lb wahoo on the Kadavu Seamount


Dion with a healthy 50lb Kadavu Wahoo

The sailfish also started to show nice and early, still solitary but destined to form up into packs.

Anglers aboard Bite Me recently took several light tackle records including the M-04 Fiji Sailfish Record and the M-04 Wahoo IGFA World Record.
The Yellowfin are however, late ! Only now, at the beginning of August are the first schools moving in. No real size to them yet with most schools around the 20lb (perfect marlin bait) size and the occasional fish to 50lbs. Fellow charterboat Rogue landed a 150lb yellowfin but the big fish are not yet here in numbers.

Yellowfin to 50lbs

An unusual NW current in the past few weeks shut down the wahoo & sail bite to the North of Kadavu but I am pleased to say the cooler water is moving back now and yesterday for example Bite Me raised 2 sailfish packs and got jumped by 2 wahoo packs (which made a very expensive mess of our light tackle sailfish lure spread !)

That warm current did however have some upside. With it came a lot of small Dorado and better yet large numbers of blue marlin. In the recent Denarau Sport & Gamefish Club Tournament, competing boats tallied 19 Blue marlin bites.

Christy’s first Mahi mahi !

August and September we will continue with the light tackle fun on the big wahoo & sails and on a nice calm day, throw some poppers at the reef for GTs up to 100lbs.

Shane Heartstone with a good Kadavu Island GT