Anglers Pro Shop GT Expedition 2009

I had a great successful trip to Kadavu in FIJI, as a matter of fact i think it is the best GT trip i ever had , i know Randy is biting his finger right now as he is supposed to be on this trip but due to his tennis elbow’s problem i replaced him.

well i will try to make it short but i have a lot of small detail that will make you guys happy, i met David Foyle in LA and we started our journey to Fiji, on our second day we took the flight to Kandavu to arrive and catch a boat ride to the lodge, the ride was 45 minutes in the lagoon, amazing scenery and beautiful water that make living on this earth worth every second,
at our arrival we get greeted by the staff and our Capt Adrian Watt, we landed over 56 GT and lost around 2 dozens due to a cut off or a bad hook up , we even straightened GT record and decoy hooks, the fishing is amazing, something that i never seen before, you have 3 to 4 Gt chasing your lures and that simply put you on fire we couldn’t have lunch or even take a break, that is how good it was, in my memory i am still rewinding those magnificent image, we did a bit of jigging but couldn’t concentrate much as the popping is great.

the run is only 15 minutes away from the lodge so we start fishing the west side of the reef and every day we kept on pouching farther west as we were suppose to leave the last 2 days to do the east and the condition at the beginning was on our favor until the last 2 days when mother nature turns against us, the east is where the Great Astrolabe Reef is located and i think that is where the big mama are hanging but unfortunately we couldn’t fish that area.



on my first day i landed a 40kg and on the third a 44kg and on the last day a 42kg, the fish measured at 50,48,47 inches
on our second day David had a nice fish on and unfortunately broke his fisherman monster CC, and to those of you that still believe that the accurate is a good reel, well a brand new accurate SR30 start grinding and all of a sudden the handle jammed so now David’s back up is gone, those reel are not made up to fight heavy drag, in the last year i encounter 3 occasion like that, so again do your homework before committing.

i only used the Ocean Revolution GT rods and they performed beyond my expectation, so i am very happy with the result.
i had the pleasure to fish with with David Foyle he is an amazing humble guys that remind me a lot by David Irving.

i am not going to do more talking and i will let the picture do the magic but i will take the opportunity to thank all the staff at Matava resort and a big thank you to Capt Adrian Watt, i highly recommend the trip picture will be posted shortly


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