New Great Barracuda Record

Tim Simpson, Editor of Australia’s prestigious BlueWater magazine recently visited Matava Eco-Adventure Resort to co-host a couple of episodes of Bill Boyce’s new show IGFA Saltwater Adventures. This show is soon to be aired on the WFN in the USA.

In between a bit of general gamefishing, Tim found time to run a couple of his ultra-light outfits and tested a couple of the new Fin Nor reels spooled with Platypus Pre-Test 3kg line

Tim is more concerned about his potential M-03 Fiji Record as Bill checks out the footage

Safe aboard !

This new pending Fiji National Record Great Barracuda was tempted by a Halco Laser-Pro, our favored lure choice when hunting for IGFA World Records.

On Tim’s last visit he landed the new and still current IGFA Wahoo World Record on 4kg line with a Halco Laser Pro 190.

The new pending Fiji National Record Great Barracuda with Tim and outfit used.