Fiji National Line Class Records – Narrow Barred Mackeral – Walu

Fijian name: Walu

These records were compiled from records kept by FIGFA , Game Fish Club of Fiji , Royal Suva Yacht Club Game Fishing Association and Pacific Harbour Game Fishing Club to 1985 and from catch forms submitted for acceptance.

These records are official and will be updated after acceptance of claims submitted through the above clubs in accordance with IGFA rules

Narrow Barred Mackerel

Bite Me’s Skipper with a nice Narrow Barred Mackerel


Line Class Weight Place Date Angler BOAT
M-1 kg Vacant
M-2 kg Vacant
M-4 kg 5.0kg  Kadavu  09.08.07  Shane Warmington Bite Me
M-6 kg 6.8 kg Rovodrau 24.07.88 Melvin Threadingham Vakamareqeta
M-8 kg 24.0kg Kadavu 19.07.05 Shane Coles
M-10 kg 26.7 kg Solo 14.03.98 Bruce Southwick
M-15 kg 27 kg Nukubuco (passage) 07.03.87 Bruce Southwick
M-24 kg 33 kg Beqa 10.10.88 Ian Mathieson
M-37 kg 30.5 kg Makuluva 02.01.88 Chris Robinson
W-1 kg Vacant
W-2 kg Vacant
W-4 kg Vacant
W-6 kg 3.2kg Kadavu 08.01.07 Susan Raebitt Bite Me
W-8 kg Vacant
W-10 kg 9.3 kg Mana Passage 23.07.99 Eileen Ciolac Nautilas
W-15 kg 23 kg Home Passage 28.03.89 Lily Todd
W-24 kg 29.4 kg Castaway 20.10.95 Molly Ragg Adi Kuila
W-37 kg 16.8 kg Nukuboco 05.08.78 Nancy Aidney