Fiji National Line Class Records – Marlin, blue (Pacific)


These records were compiled from records kept by FIGFA , Game Fish Club of Fiji , Royal Suva Yacht Club Game Fishing Association and Pacific Harbour Game Fishing Club to 1985 and from catch forms submitted for acceptance.

A Blue Marlin hooked tagged & released aboard Bite Me


Line Class Weight Place Date Angler Boat
M-1 kg Vacant
M-2 kg Vacant
M-4 kg Vacant
M-6 kg Vacant
M-8 kg Vacant
M-10 kg 47.8 kg Soliaga 25.03.87 Marc Ladelle Vakamareqeta
M-15 kg 180.8 kg Charlie 01.06.00 Craig Corbett Decked Out
M-24 kg 223 kg Top Ground 29.10.00 Melvin Threadingham Vakamareqeta
M-37 kg 447 kg Naqara 19.01.97 Melvin Threadingham Vakamareqeta
M-60 kg 159.6kg Sigatoka 07.03.00 Norm Godding Commander One
W-1 kg Vacant
W-2 kg Vacant
W-4 kg Vacant
W-6 kg Vacant
W-8 kg Vacant
W-10 kg Vacant
W-15 kg Vacant
W-24 kg 138.11 kg Laucala Island 13.05.83 Nancy Aidney
W-37 kg 88.5 kg Solo 28.08.89 Lee McLauchlan Miss Conduct II
W-60 kg Vacant